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Details for the next workshop…

A ten-hour Weekend Workshop leads you into the Organic Stretching Seven Step program, inspiring you to find the body you used to live in.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR: A different approach to movement and stretching? What have you stopped doing because your body says it can’t do it any more? Through building awareness from the inside out we connect with the places that are holding us back and gradually soften the restrictions and blocks, gently and deeply, bringing back a freedom of movement we never expected to see again.

AN ORGANIC STRETCHING WORKSHOP WILL: Introduce you to your personal healing power, give your body tools to create your own movements, show you how to work with the body you now have and gradually take it where you want it to be.

Meet Antoinette from the Santa Cruz workshop last summer:

Antoinette before

Antoinette after

Antoinette began with 5-1/2″ from her index finger to the corner of her mouth, and 6 hours later her right shoulder and neck had released enough to bring her index finger to only 2-1/2″ from her mouth. You can see that her elbow has moved way behind her head without pain. She was thrilled!!! As were others with amazing results.


“…the wonderful feeling of getting so in touch with my body.” –Tamara

Pat!!!  You have wonderful personal energy, the pacing of activity and information sharing was excellent. I loved the idea of presenting principles rather than strict following of pose. The content was simple and at the same time offered excellent guidelines for deeper practice. Sometimes we just need permission to reconnect with the universe of our own bodies, and, Pat, you did a great job of helping us do that.  Thank you! ”  –Peg


Details for the next workshop…

Organic Stretching

Anne in the Pretzel

Sailors at sea have special needs and limitations for taking care of their own health. Often a thousand miles or more from health care, they must rely on their own resources. Pat Henry teaches these workshops from the personal experience of 80,000 miles at sea, 40,000 of those solo. 

Are you living the dream you envisioned when you let the dock lines go?

Living and traveling in small, bouncy spaces with sudden demands on your body may not have been what you envisioned when you set out with dreams of sandy beaches and your boat calmly riding at anchor. This lifestyle throws some surprises your way and calls for a special approach to fitness with movements that… 

  • Fit in small spaces 
  • Require no equipment
  • Can be done in short periods of time almost anywhere onboard
  • Are adaptable to you, your space, your needs and your ability

 Stretching® at Sea is:

  • A first aid tool to relieve injuries, strains and repeat motion stress
  • A path to move confidently with improved balance
  • A meditation in movement to reduce tension, restore inner peace and develop fluid, healthy joints

 With six hours of focused work using a combination of practicing the principles and movements of Organic Stretching®…independently and following Henry…and lecture/discussion, participants can begin to develop a personal practice that fits in their own boat spaces. The program includes the OS video and guides for personal work.

Workshops are generally scheduled in the Spring in Pat’s studio in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle when the temporary cruising community is preparing for their departures. This workshop is available for other communities by arrangement; contact Pat.

“If I knew then what I know now, my around-the-world solo voyage would have been quite different. Injuries might have been reduced and they certainly would have healed more quickly. My balance would have been better, also my agility and my resilience.” –Pat Henry



Details for the next workshop…

For Wellness Practitioners, Trainers, and Coaches

Organic StretchingTM

Pat Henry demonstrating an OS principle


Are you teaching or coaching a full schedule and find your body tired and burned-out by the weekend? Would you like to help others while helping yourself, too? Achieve greater fitness and a sustainable income as a certified Organic Stretching® instructor. This program may be the opportunity you are looking for. 

Organic Stretching® offers the ideal complement for a well-rounded practice or studio line-up with a gentle, alternative movement system for people with limited flexibility or painful joints. Help your clients build a personal program that is uniquely theirs, suited to their bodies where they are today, so they can manage their own pain, increase their flexibility, improve their ability to avoid injury, and reconnect to their own bodies’ power and wisdom for healing.

Your clients will find

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Empowerment
  • Confidence
  • And a new sense of freedom in their bodies

and so will you!!

Study with Pat Henry, the founder of Organic Stretching®, and take your first step toward certification in a unique and exciting program, providing something truly different and highly effective for your clients. The 30-hour workshop is offered twice-a-year at the Pat Henry Studio in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. A six-month program of individual work at home combined with online sessions follows and ends with an examination and demonstration for achieving certification.  For the next scheduled workshop details. Classes are limited to 7 participants.

Photo credit: Lynn on s/v LA VITA

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  1. LUELLA RODEMEYER permalink
    July 16, 2011

    I was introduce to BONNIE BERQUAM who introduces O.S. to women at retreats…I am interested in taking a class with you sometime in 2012. I live in IOWA and did not know if you have classes in the MIDWEST or if I must make travel arrangements…
    Winter is difficult for me in IOWA with no sunshine so traveling to CA sounds like it could be good for me unless a winter blizzard sets in and there is no traveling out of DES MOINES airport … please let me know your winter class or if you are traveling out into the MIDWEST to give classes !!

    Lu’Ella Rodemeyer, LMT
    North Iowa Massage Therapy Center
    708 1st Ave SE
    Hampton IOWA 50441

    641 456 9958

    • July 16, 2011

      Thank you, Lu’Ella, for your inquiry. I am located in Mexico most of the time, but I travel for workshops now and then. Presently I am presenting in CA. I will be doing a workshop in Bloomington-Normal, IL next summer (’12). The rest of my schedule is not set yet. Would you be interested in coming to Mexico for a workshop? I will do some in my area (near Puerto Vallarta on the West Coast) during the winter.

  2. Sharon Ashton permalink
    August 8, 2011

    Hi Pat,

    I just wanted to comment on your workshop in which my husband and I recently participated in Seaside, CA. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m not an excercise fan by any means! Every move felt wonderful even though I have no serious areas of joint pain. I think it will be a great tool for us as far as preventing future problems and limited mobility…something important as we age.

    I am just starting physical therapy (related to trigger points)for migraines and my therapist seems very interested in learning about your techniques. I’ll give her your website.

    Ken and I will be in your area from 12/10 through 12/20 so we hope to see you then!

    Stay well and happy!

    • August 8, 2011

      Thank you, Sharon. I will be very interested in hearing your experience over the coming months with OS relative to your trigger point therapy. Thank you for passing on my website to your therapist. I would love to hear from her. Your dates are on my calendar, and I’m looking forward to seeing you both then. Safe travels, Pat

  3. Paula Aschim permalink
    July 31, 2012

    Hi Pat, I’ve been meaning to thank you again for the amazing OS workshop you led in Bloomington, IL. I went away impressed by the method you teach, and impressed by your effectiveness as a teacher. Would like you to know that after the weekend of OS I could feel my legs carrying my body more squarely. My posture definitely feels more balanced, relaxed — my lower back is grateful! And (as if painless posture isn’t enough) the method you teach has taught me how to slow down and focus. I’m certain OS practice is the closest I’ve ever come to actually meditating — my mind is grateful too! I love everything about OS and will continue to sing it’s praise!

    • July 31, 2012

      Paula, thank you so much for this exciting response to the Organic Stretching® workshop in IL. I am so pleased to hear how your body has responded and your desire to continue. The results just get better and better. Please stay in touch if you have any questions or insights to report. Enjoy the journey.

  4. Tamara Myers permalink
    July 1, 2013

    I just finished the first teacher training workshop at Pat’s studio in Puerto Vallarta. What a wonderful experience!! It was so sweet to do OS every day for a week, getting a deeper connection to my body and getting a better understanding of the principals of OS so that I can help others learn how to benefit from this technique. Not only was my body happy to get all that focused attention in a very pleasurable way, we were all nurtured by the beautiful garden setting and calming energy of her elegant, but simple, studio. How fun to study in an outdoor classroom under palm fronds while hummingbirds sip nectar from colorful flowers and little lizards dart around the edge of the patio. Pat’s passion for this work is contagious, and she fully shared with us many stories and resources to enrich our experience.

    • July 1, 2013

      The studio seems very quiet this week after being full of your beautiful energy and that of the other students. I feel that I am the one who is enriched by your presence. I am so pleased to know that Organic StretchingTM will be expanding into the world through you. Thank you for coming and being part of the OS Movement.

  5. July 20, 2013


    I participated in Teacher’s Training in June with two other wonderful ladies: Liina Remmel (from Estonia) and Tamara Myers (USA). It was such a delight to my body and being to once again in your beautiful garden of Eden with your beautiful human beaming Pat and get to deep dive into OS every day. I have had an opportunity to prolong my stay and have been going for classes now at least twice a week after the teacher’s training and doing the sessions every day on my own, so my body is like a new one. Not only the body, but it seems that as the body gets more relaxed, all the related issues, whether these have been emotional or mental will be released as well. In addition I have been swimming in the ocean every day and even done OS in the ocean. So all that relaxation which I usually do not have in my everyday life, has also brought more surrendering to life and magic and suddenly as Pat was recommending my other healing modalities I have loads of local foreigners come to my sessions as well, which I would never have expected. I have also met many of Pat’s friends and it has been amazing to get a bit more detailed parts of Pat’s everyday life and of her development of the OS. On top of that another big idea popped from my head which will help to promote OS way beyond our wildest dreams, so keep your fingers crossed. You will soon hear about it! Thank you Pat for developing OS and I am totally sure it is a revolution we hold here. I am ready to take it out there as it has totally completely in no time changed my whole life and reality, not to talk about the body, mind and spirit! Thank you so much and I do my outmost best to invite more people into your studio for the future!!! Yeee!

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