Oct 12

Tell me what is on the top of your Bucket List? When do you plan to do it? What keeps you from doing it tomorrow? You don’t have to be retired, you know. I read about a guy 28 who realized that if he didn’t get started, he wouldn’t accomplish much. He began then to do at least one thing each year.

Maybe you don’t even have a list yet! Here is a resource guide from an award winning Bucket List website. Annette, the author has started at a young age, judging by her photo. She’ll need it for her list which is over 600 items now, but she has checked off somewhere around 200 already!!

And if you need some inspiration to create your list, this quote from the author Diane Ackerman might spur you on:

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well. –Diane Ackerman

Once you have the list, it is time to start living it. Don’t let the usual excuses slow you down: not enough time, not enough money, no one to do it with, I’m not ready…Research? Study? Or how about: My body isn’t ready?

Travel Dreams

Are there things on your list that look daunting? Maybe even just getting up in the morning is already a challenge, let alone taking on the major travel plans that inhabit most Bucket Lists…remember the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? Any decent Bucket List needs lots of travel!

It might be a good time to start some conditioning so you’re ready for item No. 1. Maybe a visit to the hillside villages of the Mediterranean Coast or the top of St. Peter’s or an old Viennese castle?

Hillside Village

Or even to the top of a mountain! How about Kilimanjaro–my daughter Tamara and her daughter Kira in 2010!

Topping Kilimanjaro

Is taking up a hobby or sport you used to enjoy on the list?

Ready for your game?

Maybe more time playing with your grandchildren, if you can still get down to join them on the floor?

7 step prg nana

Make that list, loosen up those joints, and hit the road! Or the course! Or wherever it takes you.

PS: Organic Stretching is the perfect conditioning program to get you ready!! More options coming soon. Subscribe for the latest news.

Leave a note below and share a few of your Bucket List items to encourage and inspire others.

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Sep 8

Fear often begins as a twitch in your mind saying you need to think about “xxx,” becomes a worry about “xxx,” steps up to anxious, and finally it becomes fear with a full rush of adrenaline that insists that you deal with it. The time it takes for this full run might be weeks or an hour. This is the fear of anticipation of an event that will happen or one you imagine might happen. Internal results are the same. It becomes real in our minds. It can be something external or an internal barrier on the way to a dream.


 My management techniques include:

  1. Locate the fear in your body, using a meditation that allows it to have a voice and respond, and with your breath release it and let it go. I like to breathe right through the fear location.
  2. Meditation…I love Metta Phrases for this and suggest the beautiful book Loving-Kindness. Over the years I have modified the author’s phrases to my own around the same idea.
  3. Exercise doing something that takes your complete concentration and releases the tension from your body.
  4. Go out…be in nature, do something with friends to clear your mind for a different perspective.
  5. Analyze possible paths out of the situation…bubble diagrams, lists, a flow diagram, best outcome and worst outcome scenarios. I always include “What is the worst thing that could happen? Will I Still Be Alive?” Helps put perspective on the situation!
  6. Look for valid input from experts. Perhaps your assumptions are incorrect. How real is this fear?
  7. Map out the most desirable path from all of the above to achieve the best outcome and identify money, time, and resources required.
  8. Create a timeline with your reasonable path and develop each tiny step. When the BIG thing is broken down to things we know we can do, it seems more manageable.
  9. Take step 1…are you still alive? Celebrate!
  10. Congratulate yourself for growing your Comfort Zone. It’s worth it…the next encounter will be easier!


How do you manage fear? Share your most useful technique below. We will all benefit from more ways to deal with those moments…or longer…in our lives. Thanks!


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