By The Grace Of The Sea


Pat Henry's By the Grace of the Sea is an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery. Aboard her magic carpet, Southern Cross, she sails the exotic dream of a lifetime, with her readers along as vicarious crew. Under a glittering harvest moon in the South China Sea, she thinks: I am the richest person in the world. I'm alive and here to see this sight. And the further we sail with Pat, bathed in the glow of our own beckoning dreams, the richer we feel, too. 
---Alan Steinberg is a sailor and best-selling author of nonfiction books, including his latest, Black Profiles in Courage (Harper Perennial, 2000).

...Indeed, Henry may well be construed as a shining example of midlife reinvention, an inspiration to women wishing to put aside the past in pursuit of a dream. 
---Publishers Weekly

I came through the living room and caught a couple of your sentences on the early show or Good Morning America, whatever, and I caught your name. Before long I raced to Borders grabbed the book and ordered coffee. I was there for two hours before I looked up. This is different than usual; I am savoring every page and often go back and re-read several before raising anchor and moving on. 
---A Reader in Livermore, CA

By The Grace Of The Sea caps Pat Henry's remarkable achievements. First she taught herself to sail, becoming proficient enough to circumnavigate the globe on her own, then she taught herself to sketch and paint, becoming an accomplished artist in the process. Now she has taught herself to write, producing a book about her adventures at sea which ranks with those by Chichester and Jack London. This book is a powerful and compelling personal account of her battle with the elements -- plus inner and outer demons -- while struggling to complete her solo journey around the world. What a book and what a woman!  

...Henry's captivating account fills readers with admiration for her courage and stamina. 
--- Danise Hoover, for Booklist, American Library Association.

...You have shared your life in a way that has shown others that they are not alone in their experiences and the real challenge is to move forward and never give up searching for love joy, peace and understanding of ones self. Thank you for a great work
---a Reader from Illinois

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