How did ten months evaporate since my last newsletter? I was so certain that it had only been seven…and that was too long! But rest assured that I have not been idle.

Two big themes have permeated my life…video and workshops…both resulting in achieving some long-awaited dreams. First, it began several years ago as a vision to create a video of the Wallace Method, but eventually, this year, it became one explaining my program of Organic Stretching™. You can check it out on my blog…now available as a DVD or for download. It was an amazing experience to create the structure and script, and then to find the perfect people…Hugo Lopez and Christina Rubini to shoot and edit it, Raoul Diaz to allow me to use his music, Peter Braun to design the graphics, and Vallarta Botanical Gardens to provide the perfect setting. Please check out their websites to see what excellent talents are in my circle of friends.

I began making my own short videos of OS for my blog this year. Little clips for people to follow to get the feeling of Organic Stretching™. Of course, this led to a new camera (I’m still learning how to use) and the awareness that I have a great deal to learn. Hooray…a new field to explore!

Speaking of new things to learn…I think I would make a perfect lifelong student…the workshops mentioned above were a mix of the ones I taught and the ones I attended. January, I returned to La Manzanilla for tango with Beatrix Satzinger and Michael Young, but this time I went as a leader. It was a last minute change of plans, and the workshop was advanced. Yes, I was nervous as a fairly new leader!! But Beatrix and Michael were gracious and my partner, Liz Moher, accommodating. I came home so jazzed to continue leading…a chance to dance the music that I was hearing.

In April, I traveled across Mexico to Cuetzalan (near Pueblo)…24 hours by bus…for a Permaculture workshop with Larry Santoyo. It was inspiring and challenging. My views opened far beyond the small, sustainable garden I am creating around my home. The process of analysis and design by Permaculture principles apply to anything in life. It is a way to look at structures and manmade landscapes, of course, but is equally applicable to economic, social, and institutional entities. We are guided by the natural patterns evident all around us where life has evolved without our control and interference, or evident in the ways that natural systems have responded to our interference. They will work to heal and restore balance given the freedom to do so. We have so much to learn from them.

And my experiment to grow a sustainable garden? I have created some very beautiful soil where only hard packed dirt existed before…so hard you could sweep it! And fed myself for many months with delicious, fresh greens, herbs, and mangos. Our season here begins Nov 1, and I am preparing seedlings to go in the ground on that date for even more good food this year.

Recognizing the need for social media to market my OS programs, I signed up for an intense weekend workshop…Tweet To Be Heard 2…in May. After two days of rapid-fire presentations on every aspect by top experts, I returned home in a daze, but committed to putting as much as possible into action. I’m thrilled with the results. I’m doing pretty well with Facebook and okay on LinkedIn…next comes Twitter. That one has me a little nervous, but shortly I will jump off the edge…follow me!

In July, it was my turn to teach Organic Stretching™ workshops. The results in Santa Cruz and Seaside, CA, were very encouraging. The 2-1/2 day, ten hour, program is just enough for students to begin moving in useful ways following the OS principles. The feedback they provided encouraged me to pursue more locations for the coming year. Let me know if you are interested in having one in your area.

Those workshops combined perfectly with a family visit to Tamara’s home with super salads and goodies from her garden, time with her partner Dan, and my grandkids…Shawn and Kira, and my niece Jude. I returned home wrapped in family hugs and sounds of the voices I treasure.

As this newsletter reaches you, I am traveling to the Berkshires in western MA for a workshop with Deane Juhan on connective tissue (the heart of Organic Stretching’s focus). And in January, I will come full-circle back to La Manzanilla for more tango.

What a year! I love learning and sharing what I’ve learned. In some way, almost everyone in my family has taught, beginning at least with my grandfather in the early 1900s when he was a school principal in small-town South Dakota. And so it continues…mother, brother, daughters, and granddaughter have or still do teach. That is five generations…it’s in our genes….


Organic Stretching™:
Principles and Movements…the video

A tango with Hugo Lopez at Sal y Fuego
Photo credit: Hugo Lopez

Class in a sustainable garden

My garden evolves

A workshop in Santa Cruz

Surrounded by Tamara, Shawn and Kira



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