I have a new location for my morning musings…some how life has arrived at a point where I can now lie in the hammock my grandson Shawn gave me for my birthday a year ago. That is some kind of breakthrough! Sometimes I even have tears in my eyes, lying there and realizing how blessed I am to be under that canopy of trees, listening to bird songs, in the middle of a slowly evolving garden that is mine. How beautiful life can be.

It didn’t feel like that this summer when I took over on the sixth (or seventh) repair to my new-last-year roof. My former builder walked off the job saying I had insulted his work! Two and a half months later (that is two and half months of my working in the hot sun everyday on top of my house) I finally realized that my roof was not made out of concrete. That was the day when a whole section broke into pieces 1” thick that I could break with my bare hands.

I gave up. I called Mario from Puerto Vallarta. He was there with his crew two days later demolishing my “new” roof. And then the layer of roof below that which had not been well built and still had the old waterproofing on it. The whole pile of roof was taller than I am and filled half of the street. But today I have a beautiful, water tight roof at last. By the way, this was all happening when we were having record rainfalls…inside as well as outside at my house.

So the wonderful projects that I had looked forward to for the summer didn’t happen. I’m catching up however, and the first is finished. I now have a blog to tell you all about Organic StretchingSM. It is exciting to have someplace people can go to get information.

And the second is well on its way, too… Weekend Workshops. I have talked about doing these for several years. The first is scheduled for November 26 – 28 at Pura Vida Spa. I am available to teach this workshop anywhere people are interested in getting a group together. My long range goal is finding teachers who are interested in developing a program in their own area.

Along with all of this activity came the inevitable…Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I have resisted, thinking I couldn’t possibly add anytime to internet activity since I already can’t keep up with email…but it’s fun! Old friends are coming out of the woodwork.

I have made an interesting new friend in the process of setting up this first workshop…Alison Doncaster. Watch out when you get two people with this much energy together. Our call for a meeting is, “Do you think it’s time for mango pie?” Our official conference room is Pie in the Sky in Bucerias where the fresh mango pie is a winner.

Alison and her partner, Manuel, are opening a spa at Rancho el Limón, the family ranch where he has grown organic produce for more than 20 years. She invited me to present their first special event with my weekend workshop. We teamed up recently for the first Festival of Health & Beauty in Puerto Vallarta. Alison talked to many interested visitors who are looking for just such a facility as her spa in the local area…some place to just hang out for the day, lie in a hammock, walk by the river, ride a bike or choose from a wide range of treatments…all natural. And I did one-on-one demonstrations giving people a sample of Organic StretchingSM. I loved watching them feel the tingle as oxygen got to places it hadn’t been for awhile in abundance.

Next on my list…back to the garden. I have at least 50 packets of seeds that want to get planted. This is our planting season after the rainfalls of August, September, and October, the soil is ready and the temperatures are dropping for perfect conditions.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and I’ll see you again in the New Year.


My new morning musing spot

Mario and crew on the roof

My one-year-old roof

Goodbye to the roof

Warming up for classes

Alison at the Festival

Welcome to Pura Vida Spa

Organic Stretching demonstration



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