Puerto Vallarta feels like it is poised at the top of a wave…that moment without weight just before you plunge down the other side. The busy "high season" ended in April. May and June bring this space in the year, while we wait for Mexican schools to take summer break and hundreds (maybe thousands) of families to fill their SUVs in Guadalajara and Mexico City to head for the beach. The beach in PV primarily. For the moment, parking is fairly reasonable, and we have a bit more time to stop and visit with each other…and to enjoy the annual Restaurant Week (actually two weeks) when the best of PV offer three options of appetizer/salad, entrée, and dessert for either $14 or $23.50. Mark your calendars for next year now, so you don’t forget… the last two weeks of May.

Two big projects have consumed much of my energy over the past few months… seeing Wallace Method take its place in PV and watching Donna Lange complete her amazing voyage.

Heather Wallace, whom I have written much about in the past presented a five-day workshop to participants from the US, Canada, and Puerto Vallarta in February. We worked together to develop the syllabus for this event, and I gained an even deeper respect for her and the amazingly effective pain management system she created over the past 20 years. This week my web guru Jim Faelker and I launched her website taking the Wallace Method to people around the world.

With a buddy pass from an airline friend I flew to Rhode Island in April to help celebrate the beautiful accomplishment of Donna Lange. Her personal challenge to complete a solo circumnavigation of the world with only two stops on her 28-ft boat will fire the imaginations of people for years to come. Sharing in her welcoming ceremonies, was an honor and lots of fun. She is bursting with ideas for how she can share her discoveries from time at sea and the challenges she met and turned into triumphs of spirit. While you browse her website check out her CDs…she is an accomplished singer, musician, and composer.

Of course, tango is still high on my list…almost nothing can keep me from a chance to dance tango. At the end of June, nine of us from PV are heading to San Francisco for the tenth Nora’s Tango Week. Al and Barbara Garvey, our instructors in PV, were the moving force that started the tango movement in San Francisco in the 80s, so this promises to be a time of meeting old friends…the SF dancers as well as the team of top instructors coming up from Buenos Aires.

From tango shoes to hiking boots, the summer is a changing scene as my daughter Tamara and I head to Norway searching for our Scandinavian roots. One stop will include seeing the huge rock in Rjukan that only my great-great-grandfather Hans Tveito could pick up and hurl. Among the many legends about this 6'-8" "Viking" relative is one telling how he killed a tiger with his bare hands.

Not really following in his footsteps, but I had my own tiger encounter this week with some of the baby tigers in the Puerto Vallarta Zoo (near Mismaloya). They had nine babies born two months ago and three are the rare, endangered white Bengal tigers.

Sailing friend William Poy Lee from San Francisco has recently released his beautiful memoir The Eighth Promise: An American Son’s Tribute to His Toisanese Mother (Rodale, Inc/2007). Alice Walker says: "Unusual and wise, insightful and healing." And Gloria Steinem: "The Eighth Promise is one of the few books that truly conveys a life as lived from the inside. It is a reader’s joy and a path to empathy and shared humanity." He picked me up from the first page and drew me into the center of his and his mother’s lives. A must read for this summer.

Wishing you a relaxing and rejuvenating summer with time to explore the world around you and nurture the one inside.


Happy grads from the Feb 07 Wallace Method Workshop

Ted Jones presents the coveted Golden Circle Award from the Joshua Slocum Society to Donna Lange

Cousin Terje tries to lift the famous rock in Rjukan, Norway

An afternoon at the zoo meeting new baby tigers

William Poy Lee's entrancing memoir The Eighth Promise



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