My apologies for the long wait for an updated newsletter. I took a much needed break, looking for a more workable schedule with time for Coming About, painting, tango, and days to just enjoy a good book in my hammock. If one lives in paradise, then one should save some time to savor it.

“Family” was high on my list in November, December and January. I enjoyed my first family Thanksgiving in Illinois in many, many years sharing meals and memories with Stu (my brother) and his wife Karen, plus kids and grandkids, my daughter Terri, son-in-law Glen, and my granddaughters, and a gourmet feast with my niece Jude, Lee and Nick. Just when I was beginning to think that planes only flew north, visitors came my way starting with Jude, Lee and Nick. Two days later my daughter Tamara, her partner Ross, and granddaughter Kira arrived from Santa Cruz. We flew through the jungle roof on Los Veranos Canopy Tour, jet skied, sailed, swam, tangoed, salsaed, and ate our way through ten wonderful days. They caught a plane and three hours later my first students of the new year arrived. The pace has not slowed down yet.

Tango continues to enchant me. I hear it can become an addiction, but so far it is just a lot of fun. Our Tuesday night practices are attracting visiting milongueros from across the US and Canada. February 18 saw THE event of the year for PV tango dancers…the annual Garvey Milonga…that brought 15 of San Francisco’s best dancers to PV. If only it wouldn’t take 10 years to look like they do on the dance floor. Fantastic!

With each new “high season,” it seems the calendar of social events, theater outings and art openings picks up as PV grows steadily as a major destination. We celebrate the success for local businesses and mourn the loss of the “sleepy, quiet fishing village” that brought us here.

The beauty of the Bay and some say a unique energy field, similar to that found in other “special” places in the world like Santa Cruz and New Zealand, may be part of the attraction that draws a bounty of alternative health care practitioners to this area. One of my favorites, Adrian de Landa, has cared for me a number of times for various problems. As a young man of 18 he discovered that he had a natural affinity for herbs, knowing instinctively what they could do. It became his life’s work as he studied with a well known native herbalist. He works in traditional and natural modes using herbs, massage and the innovative water massage Janzu. South of town at Nogalito, on Saturdays Adrian prepares a temazcal (sweat lodge) at Contacto Natural, following ancient traditions.

For the past month I have been working with Heather Wallace, creator of the Wallace Method…a pain management technique that treats specific muscular-skeletal problems as well as enhancing and optimizing overall health. Her 25-year development of this unique system provides relief for a wide range of ailments in an elegantly simple shifting of the body’s structural framework that opens space for healing. Heather brought a 20 year background in yoga to her position in a pain management clinic and from there sought a better solution to the existing practices. She has opened the path in a totally new direction.

Updates: In previous newsletters I have mentioned some special people doing extraordinary things. Here is where they are today….

Scott and Pam Duncan, undertaking the first circumnavigation by legally blind sailors. They sailed more than 9,000 miles this past year to reach New Zealand and set a record as the first blind sailors to cross the Pacific.

Donna Lange, en route on a one-stop circumnavigation on board her 28-foot Inspired Insanity. Donna rounded Cape Hope, on Feb 16th after 97 days at sea on her way to New Zealand, her only scheduled stop.

Phillipa Vernon-Powell, founder and director of New Life Mexico, a program dedicated to rehabilitating abused children in Puerto Vallarta, continues to accomplish small miracles. Each step forward for one of her children…street children, working children, children at risk, and pregnant teenagers…lights up a young life and can make a permanent change. Contact Phillipa if you have space in your suitcase to bring some supplies. She has specific lists for clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items.

You can help make a difference.

Wishing you a belated Happy New Year,


A family breakfast at my favorite PV breakfast spot...Memo's Pancake House

The grand annual Tango event...Liz, Pat and
El Maestro Tanguero Al Garvey

Heather Wallace treating Pat with the Wallace
Method for Pain Management

Mary Margaret adjusts the topping lift en route
to Punta Mita

Annie, Karen and Carol at the end of a good day
on the Bay




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