I should never miss a month. Now I have so many things to share, this may become a small book. June and July were all about air…being in it and on it. After the wonderful interview with Scott Jones on With Wind & Seas in June at Moose Meals, their affiliate Ladybug Live invited me for an interview with fiber artist Dottie Moore on her program Gallery. Dottie follows the traces of women’s lives as they are shaped by the art they create. Or as their art creates their lives. Moose Meals and Ladybug Live have many interesting programs…check out their sites.

Back in Vallarta, Paco Ojeda invited me to be a guest on his weekly show The VU: Vallarta Undiscovered. We took to the Bay on Southern Cross with family and friends for the day to do the show. He “aired” it on August 10th. Drop by the site for a listen and check out his archives, too. He has done some amazing shows on nooks and crannies and tid bits of PV…places to go, people to meet…artists, musicians, chefs and more, and adventures to try while visiting our Bay.

In the air…June took me to the East Coast for the Joshua Slocum Society International 50th Anniversary in Bristol, RI. With four (at least) solo circumnavigators in attendance it made a very interesting evening. Ted and June Jones put together a memorable event. The following day I joined the Southern Cross Owners’ Association for a presentation of my voyage and a barbeque. Clarke Ryder, who built my Southern Cross in his Bristol, RI, boatyard in 1976, was included in the guest list for this lovely evening. The SCOA gathering also included Nim Marsh, editor of Points East, the Gulf of Maine cruising magazine. He did a beautiful editorial in the August issue about my voyage and the lessons it provided. Check out their site for a taste of Down East sailing. From there it was New York City to visit Margo McKee. We did theater, classic films, shopping, museums, walks in the park and lots of great food. Keep tuned for future developments from Margo.

Then July, and I was on another plane…to San Francisco to make a presentation for the Corinthian Yacht Club speakers’ series in Tiburon. Bay Area sailing icon Hank Eason and Susie Miller hosted my stay which included a tour of the boat works where Hank produced so many well known boats of that area. An overnight with Kitty…of Grace fame…and then off to Santa Cruz to see my daughter Tamara and family. This visit, the focus was on a new deck and hot tub. There is always a project underway at her house.

I stopped in Houston on the way back to buy my first car in 17 years. I found a bright red, well-loved little Honda CR-V and drove back across Mexico via Laredo, San Luis Potosi, and Guadalajara. What a gorgeous country this is. I had seen the coast from top to bottom on Southern Cross, but not the interior. I was amazed. And having a car in PV is divine. I still remember how to drive!

The calendar is telling me it’s time to start getting ready for the new season at Coming About. Southern Cross has a list of projects…including a haulout. For the non-boaties this is not a very fun project…taking her out of the water, sanding and painting and checking everything below the waterline. New rigging and overall maintenance will take up most of September, but she will be ready to go before the whales get here for more great times on the Bay.

In the meantime, I have slipped in a few items from the “things I must do sometime in my life” list. I took my first surfing lesson last weekend. For one wave I actually found out what it feels like, as I rode it all the way to the beach. And tango lessons have been on that list for years…I am now taking Argentinean tango lessons…and for one dance one night with just the right partner, I actually found out what that feels like, too. What will be next?

Offshore happenings…Congratulations to Patricia and Diane for their double handed Transpac finish…sixth in their class. Well done!! In April, they were prepping Charmed Life (Patricia’s Catalina 47) during the Strictly Sail Pacific show with lines of people waiting to wish them well. About to take off on her own wonderful adventure from Vancouver is Vicky Plett on board her Inspiration (Hans Christian 38). Vicky is heading to PV to join Coming About. I’ll tell you more about Vicky and our plans in the next two months.

With all of this busy activity it has been difficult to stay centered and focused on the inner journey which goes on even when we are not paying attention. I have a morning ritual that at least starts my days on the right foot…first, a list of five things I am thankful for that morning. Some days it says something like…”the strawberries for breakfast.” But the positive focus is something I learned to get through the difficult time before I left on my voyage. I have notebooks full of those lists now…a little history of the good things that have happened in my life.

Enjoy the last days of summer…slow down and savor them...


Ted and June Jones of JSSI and host Henry Hotchkiss

SCOA barbeque with Clarke Ryder and Nim Marsh

Margo and Pat scheming over dinner

Rod and Helen MacKinlay from Pacific Grove for Corinthian YC event

Tamara building the new deck



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