My calendar has been filling with goodbye breakfasts, coffees, lunches, and dinners as one by one friends head north for the keep cool, visit family, or go shopping. Some even go up to work while the rest of us stay behind to look after things.

The Head Flasher at Hot Flashes, my good friend Carol Anne, flew back North to create new pieces for her fused/slumped glass jewelry collection and to teach art to young people at a special camp in Maine. Before she left, however, she was on hand for the installation of her new kitchen counters created by David Leonard. David has developed an exciting technique with tempered glass. His pieces can be seen at the new bistro Vitea on the malecón, at Galeria Dante...and in Carol Anne's kitchen.

Travel up North is on my agenda, too, for June and July. On June 25th, I will be making a presentation in Bristol, RI, for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Joshua Slocum Society International. JSSI keeps a focus on single and shorthanded long distance sailors and their accomplishments. I was honored to receive their Golden Circle Award in 2000 for my solo circumnavigation. Tickets are available through their website. The following day I will meet with members of the Southern Cross Owners' Association, who presented me with their Commodore's Award for 2002. I am pleased to finally meet all of these wonderful people who cheered and supported me.

In July, I'll be making a presentation at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA. Details and tickets for the July 14th event are available through their website.

Scott Jones stopped by my booth at Strictly Sail Pacific in April and invited me to "appear" on his online radio show, With Wind and Sea. The show's tagline says: "Life choices end up in lifestyles and the one your host has chosen is full of romance, excitement, and hard work. Find out more about choosing to live where no one walks... on our planet's waterways." MooseMeals, the hosting station, offers an interesting range of programming, including a special series for teenagers and another for women. Our interview will be available online and archived beginning June 11th.

I also met Hank Schmitt, of Offshore Passage Opportunities at SSP in April. His program to put crew together with sailing opportunities looks impressive. It offers connections to private boat owners, delivery services, and rallies all looking for crew. A great way to build your experience on a variety of boats and do some travelling. Hank's active participation at the major boat shows has built a wide network of opportunities for OPO members. The perfect next step for new Coming About graduates.

In 2004, I met artist Ann Sayre when she stopped by my painting studio in PV. Last month Ann wrote about her visit to Ghana as follows: "I was struck by the fact that we found absolutely no materials for kids to make things with. At the orphanage the caregivers just sat and the kids just sat because there was nothing with which to teach." Ann is taking action by creating a book called Sticks and Stones for use by village workers and teachers. "I am asking you and every person with imagination to contribute ideas...subjects, activities, and learning projects that can be done with STICKS AND STONES"...something readily available in the small villages of Ghana and the rest of the Third World. Please send any clever, practical, useful, imaginative, creative ideas to:

When Molly Rogers arrived for sailing lessons in May it was an intergenerational effort. Seventeen month old Kendall came along to cheer for Mom and Grandma Maureen joined in to help Kendall fill the hours while Mom was out rescuing Chuckie and learning how to sail, anchor and dock Southern Cross. Perhaps we should have awarded certificates to everyone.

Coming About celebrated the end of its first full year of classes with the graduation of Judy Perry at El Arrayan. Carmen and her staff served up fantastic Mexican always...while Daniel and Camila, Los Frijoleros, entertained us with their special renditions of old Mexican songs. Judy's arrival in PV had a unique twist. Until she checked in at the airport in Toronto she had no idea where she was going. The ticket was still in a sealed envelope. And until I introduced myself and Z she still had no idea why she was here. Her trip had been orchestrated by her partner Frank as a birthday surprise. I know I can hear all the romantics out there sighing. Ahhhh, what a great surprise! What a great guy! Well she's a great gal, too!

Mother and daughter relationships are like none other. We pass from one role to the next and often inhabit several simultaneously...daughter, mother, granddaughter, grandmother. With each the perspective shifts. My mother once gave me a copy of My Mother, Myself ...after she read it. How well the author captured that struggle with being your own person and being that person your mother wants you to be...or at least who you think she wants you to be. And her struggle with her own identity as you pull away on a different path. Yet her love follows. Our own daughters arrive, and we have an inkling of what it was all about. And then the granddaughters, and we see a bit more. Finally the moment comes when the mantle is passed to us. It is heavy, too heavy. Who can ever fill those shoes. Have such impeccable integrity. Forgive and love without restraint. Spread compassion wherever it is needed. Live courageously by convictions. Be the center that draws the family together. I have begun to understand my mother at last.

Aileen Tobiassen Stuber...June 13, 1913 – May 14, 2005. She left a legacy of compassion, honesty, humor, and selflessness.


Carol Anne and Pat on an adventure

The new counters by David Leonard

Pat the Speaker

Ready for Offshore

Molly, Kendall and Maureen Graduate

Judy takes a Reef



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