Summer's pace is creeping over Puerto Vallarta...a little slower, a little more time to visit and to check out new shops and restaurants that opened while we were all busy with the "season," and time to begin thinking about the next one. Coming About has posted our new schedule for 2005-6, and the reservations have already begun.

April's travels provided opportunities to connect with many old friends once again...and family, too. My granddaughter Kira stirred up some of her special skin treatments for our traditional evening of facials. For at least one evening in every visit we slather on oatmeal scrubs, yogurt and cucumber masks, and tea bag eye soothers and do a lot of giggling. This time we included Tamara's partner Ross and giggled even more.

Strictly Sail Pacific in Oakland was a nonstop round of greeting old friends...Jillian Baty from my 70s Santa Cruz sailing days, Pixie and Penny from Sea Fever ...sisters who make fantastic, colorful garments and bags from used sails, Richard Spindler at his annual Lat 38 ( that renegade sailing magazine) party, Pam and Scott ...the circumnavigating blind couple I wrote about in February, Richard and Beth from Seven Seas Cruising Association, and Diane Murray and Patricia Garfield. These gals are preparing Patricia's Catalina 470 for a double-handed TransPac this summer. Join me in wishing them a fast, safe, and wonderful ride. We'll be watching the race site for their reports. They have done some wild and wonderful sailing together in the past. Good luck on this one!

I slipped away from show activities one evening to have dinner with Kitty and her Mum. This is the Kitty in Grace, and we go back more than 30 years. We sipped a bit of wine, caught up on news, and watched the sunset from Scott's for a perfect evening.

Vicky Plett flew down from Vancouver to give me a hand with book sales while I was doing seminars. Over the course of the show we shared several meals and many ideas on programs for Coming About. Watch for news in the future.

New in PV in the past online radio show with the inside scoop on local traditions, food, music, news, and personalities. Paco Ojeda has created The VU: Vallarta Undiscovered for locals and visitors...get a feel for our city before you come. The weekly broadcasts are always available on the web when you have the time to listen.

The Joshua Slocum Society International will celebrate 50 years of encouraging singlehanded circumnavigators in the spirit of Joshua Slocum, the original solo circumnavigator (1895 98), through their publication Spray and organization. Their celebration will take place in Bristol, RI, June 24 and 25. Several special speakers are on the program including Dodge Morgan and myself. Details for ticket purchase should be available soon on their website

More travel ahead in July...with an invitation from the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA, for July 14th, I'll be back in Northern California. Tickets are available on line. Maybe I'll even get out on the Bay for a sail. It's been years!

Lately my newsletters seem to be more about coming and going and busy things than how I feel about life. Launching a new business took that kind of energy and action, but slowly I am again making space in my days for introspection, meditation, and inner peace. In that quest, I have discovered the beautiful poetry of Rumi, mystic and founder of the Whirling Dervishes. Written in the 13th Century, it is as fresh and alive today as it was then. Love poems are eternal. Look for the small book Like This, a translation of 43 Odes by Coleman Barks.

Jasmine comes up where You step.
You breathe on dirt, and it sails off
like a kite. You wash Your hands,
and the water You throw out shines with gold.


Enjoy the warmth of the spring sun on your skin and the music of love in your heart...


Kira's family facials

Pixie and her SeaFever Gear

Richard at the Latitude 38 Party

Dinner with Kitty and Pat Cameron

Vicky and I at the Authors' Corner

Maureen celebrates graduation at El Arrayan with Shelly and Jody



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