"Sunny days are back and so are many friends who escaped to the hills or up north for the hot, wet summer months. Walking down the street takes twice as long as everyone stops to hear and tell what happened over the summer and make plans to get together soon...before we all get too busy with "high season" activities and house guests......

New businesses are rushing to be ready for the visitors who will begin arriving anytime, and old businesses are putting on fresh faces—remodeling and painting. I love to see the pride each owner puts into this effort every fall. There is a wonderful air of anticipation...when will they get here? will this be a good season?.....

Schedules are out for the bi-weekly art walks, when the streets throng with visitors and residents alike greeting friends, getting acquainted, and checking out the new art on display. It all began on Oct 27th under a spectacular total lunar eclipse......

There is something new in my online art galleries, too... three new prints from pieces I painted for my show last spring, including the popular Alone 1.......

I received an avalanche of mail from my last newsletter, and I still have not surfaced from reading and answering them all. I also had another "delete" disaster from the last newsletter...my entire folder for pat-henry mail was gone at the stroke of a key. So if you wrote and didn't get a response, I apologize. Your letter may be somewhere in the ether......

Those letters are wonderful reconnections to old friends and introductions new. One came recently that touched me very much. Eleanor Tims is heading out to sea alone at 71 (for the second time) with so much presence, determination and spirit. I'm in her cheering squad. How many women have met Eleanor and had their lives changed? How many women have met you and had their lives changed? We often have no idea how we touch others and our impact on their path........

My short tours in Sept/Oct took me: To Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat Festival. It turned into a reunion of old sailing friends...Batwing, Princess del Mar, Never Neverland, Yana and Tethys, a first opportunity to meet Karen Thorndike, and to celebrate Carol Anne (The Head Flasher at Hot Flashes Glass Jewelry) Anderson's birthday. To Bloomington, IL, for the Athena Awards celebration. Congratulations to Julie Dobski whose business accomplishments and civic contributions earned her the 2004 Award. I spent the rest of the week enjoying my family, including a little private concert by Alissa(8) and Krista(6), my granddaughters. To Washington D.C. to stay with my friend Claudia Russell and reminisce over our Singapore days in 1993, including a banquet with the Sultan of Jahore Bahru. And finally to Annapolis for the big Boat Show and reconnections with more sailing friends on Azura, in town to buy the next boat. At last, I met Ted and June Jones from the Joshua Slocum Society International and Joan Thayer and Sue Corl from the National Women's Sailing Association, and so many more who had been names on letters and now are faces and conversations........

Back in Puerto Vallarta, I am putting the final touches on plans for Coming About in the new season and developing the 3-day programs we created to fit into the work schedules of local women. I am looking for investors who see the potential of Coming About as a business opportunity in a vibrant, popular destination. This is a new product in a ready market. For more information and a prospectus, contact me...... It is with great enthusiasm that I approach Season 04/05—to be out on beautiful Banderas Bay, to watch the new sailors at Coming About get that "I'm-really-sailing" grin, to meet new friends, and to experience the growth possible living day-by-day...neither in the future nor the past, but opening to each moment as it comes.

Be sure to vote, and have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. I'll be thinking of you as I enjoy a tropical gourmet feast under the palm trees,

See you next month.


My new writing corner for morning letters

Alone 1...now available as a print

Sharing Carol Anne's birthday in Port Townsend

Jennifer Studebaker and Barb Mincy
at the Athena Awards banquet

Kristen Jakobsen can't believe she's really sailing



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