My favorite month is here...

May in PV is delicious. The throngs from Easter have departed, as well as the snowbirds who flew north to pay their taxes, and slowly those who are left settle into the summer pace. This means time to stop for a chat with the shopkeepers who are too busy during the high season, to plan little dinners with friends who now have spaces on their calendars...big spaces. Books come out and leisurely days on empty beaches return. And there are festivals...several saint's days that bring out whole sections of town, even one just for the building contractors, children's day, mothers' day, teachers' day, labor day, Cinco de Mayo, and I'm sure there are more. Everyone is ready for a break and extra days off after all the hustle and bustle. In the past I looked forward to the big two-week May cultural festival of the previous administration all year long. It has now shrunk to only four days, but still there are a couple of concerts that sound interesting.......

Speaking of Mothers' Day, finally this year I am going to celebrate with Mexican women friends this very special day. Here this is not a day to be pampered by your family, but instead to gather with your best girlfriends and go out on the town. Mothers all get the day off work and start early with a leisurely lunch. That's followed by hanging out together and visiting, waiting till night for dinner and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. I'll let you know next month what we did...if my friends give their permission......

PK Henry Productions has a new domain name.... Along with that is a change in my email address to I hope I don't lose anyone in the switch. My mailing list went with the previous webmaster.......

March and April were packed so full my newsletter did not go out at all...

At Coming About we had a full house for our Cruising Women's clinic with thirty gals tying knots and taking notes on everything from engine trouble shooting to how to go back and pick up the captain, if he went over the side and she still wanted him on board.

Southern Cross spent 14 days at the boatyard...instead of the planned 2 to 3 days.

Three hundred friends and visitors came for the opening night of my first exhibition in five years.

A week later I joined my daughter Tamara, Kira, and Ross for Easter in Santa Cruz... painting Ukrainian Easter eggs and downing a tasty brunch with friends of theirs. They have been revamping their home with a colorful new paint job; it was like waking up in a basket of Easter eggs every morning.

Then I was off to Oakland for the Pacific Sail Expo and a full schedule of seminars to teach and people to meet for Coming About, Any Woman's Sailing School * Puerto Vallarta.

Alizé and I have been sailing the bay on weekends exploring the little anchorages for Coming About and never cease to be amazed that on more than 200 square miles of beautiful water there can be so few boats...last Sunday we saw only four!!!

We have planned a full schedule for summer with day courses and a kids' program, hoping someday to fill this beautiful bay with new enthusiasts......


Getting Southern Cross ready for Coming About students to arrive

Explaining "taking bearings" at our Cruising Women's clinic

Leah talking about "team building" on a short-handed cruise

High level conference...Alize and I at the boatyard with SC

Southern Cross hit the water at 8:30 am and I opened my show at 6 pm...what a day!



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