Mea culpa...I must begin this newsletter with apologies!  First, for being so late this month, and second, for losing many, many of your letters.  Three times in the past six weeks I have wiped out my entire inbox.  I would love to blame the designer of the program I am using, but I'm the person who pushed the button!  If you wrote to me and didn't get an answer, I am very sorry... please write again.....

We are in full-swing with high season in Puerto Vallarta now...wonderful music venues provide great music every night...including some world class musicians who sit-in with local players while here on vacation.  I keep up-to-date through our online newsletter.  If you are heading to PV and want to check out the scene before you arrive, take a look at the website where you can sign up to get their almost daily updates on upcoming events......

Self-guided art walks are offered every two weeks by the galleries in the central district.  My new work will be featured at PVArt   for the March 31st walk...   So the paint has been flying at my studio in between visitors.  Each week more people find their way to the second floor above the tortilla factory at Aquiles Serdan #369 for my open studio days--every Wednesday from 11 - 3pm.  Many are old friends back in PV for their annual visit and others just noticed the sign on the door and came upstairs to check things out.  With ten or so at a time the studio can be pretty lively....

The biggest news of the month is the release of our website for Coming About, Any Woman's Sailing School*Puerto Vallarta.  Jaye Myers, our webmaster for PKHenry Productions, has done a terrific job in capturing the excitement we feel for this project.  And in expressing what drives us forward...bringing to other women the love we have for being on the water, feeling the wind and salt spray, and taking the helm in our own hands.  

Our core nine-day course opens on March 26th.  On the 23rd we are holding a one-day clinic for women cruisers heading off on long passages, and in the summer we'll be offering short courses for summer visitors to PV and local women too busy during the high season to take time off.  Enthusiasm is running high from all of the responses....Looks like March is going to be a very full month with all of this plus: the Banderas Bay Regatta, Mexico racers here for their series, the opening of Sylvia, and the annual Becas Ball, a fund raiser for the Becas Vallarta scholarship fund. They put hundreds of deserving young people through school every year.  And to think there are people who wonder what we find to do in Paradise!!---Pat



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