The sounds of early December in Puerto Vallarta include bugles and drums, pealing church bells, and the strains of the Guadulapana. The 1st through the 12th of the month pilgrims from all corners of the area...small outlying villages, every business, neighborhood, association, school, and club...flow like a river through the downtown streets with bands, floats, candles, Aztec dancers, and white clad marchers bearing gifts and raised voices to honor The Virgin of Guadalupe. On the final night intricate towers of fireworks explode in a celebration of the dark-skinned virgin's role in the lives of Mexicans across the country......

Another month has slipped by, this time almost unnoticed. Amazing how that happens when we are immersed in projects we love. My focus for November was Puerto Vallarta's eight-day Homage to John Huston. Morning sessions on the balcony almost disappeared in the flurry of activity leading up to the opening night on November 22nd and on through the gala closing dinner on the 29th. Next year this event promises to become a small, but full-fledged film festival.....

Now there is a new project on my drawing board...a women's sailing school here on Banderas Bay with the mission to train women to be their own skippers. For those interested in bareboat chartering, or who have just inherited or bought a boat, or those preparing to go cruising with a partner and know they need to be equally prepared to manage the boat, this program will provide the skills and the confidence to go forward. Watch for further announcements in January or contact me directly.....

If you have not stopped by the North Gallery yet, please do, to see what I have been up to in my "art life." The first of my new work is on display. For those in Puerto Vallarta, I now offer "open studio" visits every Wednesday from 11 – 3 at my new painting studio...Achiles Serdan #369, second floor...just above the tortilla factory east of Insurgentes. Drop by for a chat and to see works in progress...

Barbara Peters is carrying my prints in her Galeria Vallarta at Juarez #263, and Ambiance by Marcia, Constitution #347, has my new line of T-shirts and art cards...

This month, as I record my blessings each morning in my gratitude journal, I am especially thankful for the privilege of making friends around the world and that through them I may know how much alike we all are, how—despite differences of language, culture, religion, skin color, or life style--we share joy, grief, peace, fear, compassion, loneliness, the need to love and to be loved, and the ability to be touched by a power greater than ourselves.

May this holiday season bring you the blessings of joy and peace. See you in the New Year.....




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