Greetings from my breakfast balcony...

The tamale man just walked by on the path below with his familiar morning call, followed by the pie and muffin man who has unfortunately (for me) discovered that I like warm, fresh coconut muffins with my coffee.

The small black birds roosting in the palm trees are calling out, and it sounds like six different species with distinctive voices that range from high-pitched whistles to a loud cackle.

Now it's the scritch, scritch, scritch of the Burro's Bar restaurant crew sweeping sand from the walkway.

Los Muertos Beach is waking up for another day...

Signs abound that the high season is arriving in Puerto Vallarta. Cool evenings and even cooler mornings have replaced the steamy tropical weather of September and early October. My favorite breakfast place, Memo's Pancake House, already has a line waiting for tables at 9:30. And the street vendors are losing the little worry lines on their foreheads...knowing that business once again is about to pick up. They call the time just before the tourist season begins "la temporada de hambre"...the hungry season.... and it is ending......

November is almost my favorite month in PV. It is filled with festivals, new gallery showings, and new restaurant openings.

For two weeks the Department of Culture stages free events all over the city with guest performers this year from Cuba, Argentina, Germany, France, and Canada as well as many from Mexico.

Then we have visiting chefs from around the world joining our first class local chefs for a Gastronomic Festival for ten days.

And finally the project that Jaye and I have both joined...The John Huston Homage. It will run from November 22 29 with a retrospective of his films, special guests from both the Mexican and American film industries, and a closing gala banquet with all of the trimmings. This is the 40th anniversary of the filming of The Night of the Iguana which put Puerto Vallarta on the international map....

At PK Henry Productions, we have been working on a calendar with paintings from different parts of my voyage...New Zealand, Singapore, Greece, Turkey, the Caribbean and Mexico. If you are on our newsletter list, we'll send you a notice when it arrives in the "bookstore"...

My studio is filling with new paintings some of which will be coming out in the North Gallery shortly. I have enjoyed the challenge of much larger pieces and working in a new medium and approach. It seems to me that when I am totally absorbed in learning something new the years drop feels like being ten years old again with everything around me fresh, and new, and possible. Have you had that experience lately?




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