Greetings from beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where Southern Cross and I have made our home since our voyage ended in 1997…..

If you've never been to "PV" this is one spot--of many around the world--that you MUST visit. The word "paradise" doesn't begin to describe the beauty of the Banderas Bay area…..

Above left is a recent photograph taken from my balcony, looking south along the bay. Just to the right is the breakfast table where I do my journaling in the morning, answer correspondence, and write letters like this!…..

So what's new? After a four year break, I have started to paint again! With one watercolor of the harbor at Kastellorizon, Greece, finished and other works, including mixed media, in process --scenes at sea and my favorite subject --markets, I am exploring a potential gallery show in Washington DC in early 2004. I'll keep you posted.....

The past couple of months I have also focused on the development of my new website and an expanded program of motivational speaking and personal development workshops. Please check out my new 6 Day Women's Adventure Program. It promises to be very exciting! If you belong to an organization that might be interested in my motivational speaking programs, please share this website with your conference planner, and we'll have a chance to meet.….

Thank you to everyone for the beautiful letters you've sent, sharing what By the Grace of the Sea has meant to you and how it has changed your life. If I have not answered you personally yet, I will!

It's been an unusually busy year. Many of you have passed along your excitement about my book to friends and relatives, and I thank you for that...fathers buying copies for daughters, daughters buying copies for sisters and mothers, the word is spreading. If you would like to help me tell more people, you could click on the Amazon link in my bookstore, and it will take you right to my page at Amazon; scroll down to the reader reviews and write a few words telling how you feel about By the Grace of the Sea. I'm sure other readers will appreciate your thoughts.....

This summer my family all gathered in Illinois to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. Daughter Terri created a "memory pitcher" and family and friends filled it with little stories and memories of how Mom touched our lives. She will still be pulling out those treasured little strips of paper every morning for the next year.

Daughter Tamara and Granddaughter Kira just returned from a few weeks in Cuernavaca, Mexico, at a special Spanish language school. Now they are back home in California for the new school year!…..

The most important development at PK Henry Productions is the arrival of Jaye Myers, the artist who created this new website. Jaye has just arrived in Puerto Vallarta, and she will be managing the business affairs at PKHP. You will be hearing more about her and our activities over the coming months.....

Since May, I have been following the great cross-country Mayors' Ride sponsored the National Bicycle Greenway project
based in my California hometown of Santa Cruz. Over several months riders, beginning on the East Coast, relay proclamations from one mayor to the next across the USA, encouraging cities to pledge themselves to create bike-friendly streets. One rider this year stayed the distance; and, at 67, Jim Muellner rode the entire route. Something in his tenacity hit home with me...believing in something enough to see it through no matter the physical sacrifice, discomfort, and downright pain. I sent him a copy of Grace for the bus trip back across the country, to say thank you for his fine example.

Well, I'll close for now and write again soon. As always I cherish the support and friendship all of you have given me since the book came out. Bless you----




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