THIS ONCE-A-YEAR POSTING, to you my dear friends, should be retitled My Christmas in July Annual Letter! Every year, I promise myself that I will write more often, and all of a sudden it is mid-summer again.

The entire past year has been focused on business development! I took myself back to school…on-line that is, not through a university. I have been working on two training programs from Ryan Eliason in his Visionary Entrepreneur series. He is pushing, prodding, encouraging, and guiding me into the electronic, social media age, and I am even gaining headway. My business…Organic Stretching®, a unique movement program I developed after training some years ago with Heather Wallace in her on-the-table pain management therapy (a brilliant, effective approach she created over a 20-year period). I was certified in her program, but then decided that I would rather help people by teaching them moves they could make themselves instead of working on them on a table. The results have been really exciting as students from 14 – 80 create their own changes, often ending years of pain from old injuries, repeat motion, and just the normal wear and tear from the ways we use and misuse our bodies. But how do I get this out to the world? That is what took me to Ryan’s programs.

Today, I celebrate my first class of candidates as OS Qualified Coaches. They completed a week-long program at my studio in Mexico in June and by January should be ready to open their own classes in California, Estonia, Hawaii, and??? My daughter Tamara attended and helped by providing yummy cool drinks every afternoon. The recipes are in my Organic Stretching® newsletter. Drop me a note if you want a copy. And Crystal Ra from Estonia provided the beautiful photography. These are just a few of her shots.

I teach regular classes here during most of the year and special workshops in Mexico and the US. Retirement?? Never, I’m sure. My next workshop is August 2 – 4 in Santa Cruz, CA. If you have any friends who might be interested the details are here. And soon I will have private classes online!! What a wonderful world…really.

Writing creeps back into my life more often as I create articles for my blog. You might enjoy the latest... Alone In the Middle of the Ocean I Discovered Wellness! Oh, and I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Enough on business, but that is most of my life at the moment!

It was a high and a low in tango this past year. I finally got back to Buenos Aires for six weeks last fall. It was grand! I danced, played, took classes and workshops, and worked on Ryan’s program! I love that city! Back in Mexico, Jaimes and Christa returned for another super workshop series, which ended with a grand milonga on the Malecon (translation: a milonga is a tango party and the Malecon is a wide walkway along the ocean in the center of Puerto Vallarta). The local fans were standing five-deep to watch us dance.

In January, I decided to take a sabbatical from tango! After 7-1/2 years of passionately following Argentine tango, I stopped dancing. I will return someday, but for the moment…I am putting that time into…my business. It’s okay.

My garden is finally beginning to look like a real garden, an unusual one, but a real one. Most of my seeds (annuals) were not a great success, but the things that volunteered, most from my compost, were great. And I had lots of fantastic salads from my organic dandelions!! To think that I got paid by my mom to dig those out of our yard! I forage for dinner making a tour to see what green edible things appeal, some herbs, and a few flowers. Yummy, rich flavors!

My real treat has been the flowering plants with heady aromas…a mock gardenia tree in my entry way, flowering ginger, jasmine, and neem (which smells just like jasmine). My mango tree is loaded with fruit, and I expect a good supply this year from the five banana trees, three papayas, a giant passion fruit vine, a star fruit, and other small tropical fruit plants. I have stopped fretting because I can’t grow what I think I want to grow and have begun celebrating what comes up on its own! That is much easier on my budget and my stress levels!

My move from Puerto Vallarta (350,000) four years ago to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (5,000) has finally solidified. I still go to “the city” every two weeks for errands and lunch with a friend, but more and more I find my sources nearby and wonderful friendships. This is a fishing village with a huge new marina and an active sailing population of cruisers for the winter months. The air is fresh and clean, and the pace is small-town sweet. Artists and musicians are everywhere. Live music abounds. And in the high season (Nov – Mar) the place to be…our Sunday Market on the waterfront. It was a good move to make.

‘Till the next inspiration strikes, have a wonderful rest of the summer and fall…


New OS Qualified Coach candidates

Pat and Tamara go back-to-back

Our palapa classroom

Crystal Ra in a pretzel

Liina enjoying school in the tropics

Chilled afternoon beverages…Coconut Pineapple Cooler

My partners in a Leaders' Workshop

The corner fruit market on my block

My favorite spot for fresh yogurt

My favorite…afternoon coffee in BsA

How does one select just one?

5pm BsAs everyday



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