Pat Henry

  I began painting watercolors in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 1989. It was a matter of necessity in the beginning. I was broke in a foreign country, not allowed to take a job, and preparing to sail my small boat around the world alone. I needed a portable profession and painting seemed the perfect choice.

   From this unlikely beginning, I became a self-supporting artist, staging exhibitions in locations around the globe.

   Painting became not only the means to an end, but also the key to "experiencing" the forty countries where I stopped on my voyage. I absorbed the architecture, the plants, the people...their clothing and customs.

   Those are the images captured in my watercolors and limited editions.

   In 2008, my art made a total change in medium, scale, technique, palette and purpose. After tip toeing through some abstract impressionism/expressionism--acrylics on paper, at last I jumped headfirst into total abstract oils and acrylics with joyful abandon. I craved the freedom of expression, the absence of expectation, the fun of chance and discovery.

   Much as I have come to love the loss of control in Argentine tango…in the follower’s role, I enjoy giving up the need to make every stroke of a brush produce something which is “something.” It can be only for the dynamic of the colors, the movement of the forms, or the spaces they create. Painting is feeding and freeing my soul as never before.

   New Directions 2008 is a catalog of my latest show and includes abstracts on canvas in oil and acrylic, a collection of monotypes from a workshop with Glen Rogers in Mazatlan, and two final pieces of my transitional phase.

   Pat Henry paintings and limited editions are available for purchase online and at the Pat Henry Studio in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico. The studio is open by appointment which may be made online or by phone at 01-329-295-5289 inside Mexico or 210-399-7214 from the US.

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